Stop trying to be 100% right

Every time you help people, you would really like it if you were right.

Admit it.

Even though it’s human nature to make mistakes. 

And you will make mistakes.

And you will not be right.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time on the Scratch forums.

And I mean A LOT. I currently have 1000+ posts in Questions about Scratch and Suggestions combined.

And when you’re trying to help people solve a problem or give decently meaningful feedback on a suggestion, then being correct on what you are talking about is kinda very important. 

If you do not meet the standards of correctness, then you shall attract the ire of your fellow forumers.

However, it is extremely hard to be 100% correct. Let’s stick with the Scratch forums example.

Three things are important when replying to posts on the Scratch forums:

  • Speed
  • Clarity
  • Being Correct

Speed is important because you need to be on top of the literal ninjas faster typers other people that are replying to the topic.

You also need to be clear in your topic because apparently, you might confuse the total idiots that are New Scratchers

And you need to be correct because being wrong will not help the person asking the question and also make yourself look like an idiot who spent 30 minutes trying to find a nonexistent page on the Scratch Wiki to show what a 404 error is on the wiki

However, it is widely known that attempting to be fast will result in incorrect information being dispensed. An example is attempting to understand an article on why throwing empty soda cans at others is not very nice of you within 30 seconds and then tabbing back to the thread to speed-type your response in 25 seconds, wait 1 second for your grammar checker program to tell you that you misspelled 24 words in your response, and spend 4 seconds correcting them. Then you may have given the incorrect answer that “people hate soda cans being thrown at them because those people hate soda”, where it’s because you just simply shouldn’t be throwing garbage at people in the first place!

You could also sacrifice being fast for accuracy, but then by the time you’d have pressed the “submit” button, your post is buried 6 pages in by a flame war started by the person making the topic bein a total freakin idiot about what the heck a “duplicate topic” is

You could also sacrifice clarity for accuracy, however, you would also confuse the total freakin idiot on extremely confusing words such as “ocular” and “TOLORS” and “Scratch”, because inherently they only understand stuff broken down into extremely simple terms such as “a forum search engine created by jeffalo” and “the place that explains why the scratch team won’t add certain things” and “the website you are currently on, seriously how the heck would you not know that you are on Scratch??????”

Therefore, you should not try to be 100% correct and instead strive to have the core point of your post be correct. That way, you do not have to sacrifice anything to help people.

If you are wrong and do anger the others around you, then simply be correct from then point onward.

Thank you for reading this absolute piece of trashpost.

Note from the creator: this post was supposed to be humorous (well, to me anyway) so do not take it seriously. although you should probably take this seriously: the fact that it’s ok to be wrong and you should not be mean to anyone who is wrong or misunderstands something, just simply correct them politely.

thank you once again for taking the time to read this post (and stopping by my website)