Minecraft Photography 2

I posted some Minecraft screenshots a while back. However, more have been taken that I’ve wanted to share. So, here’s more Minecraft Photography!
2022022717041600 11B64E28AD7A49CA9EC8AC007BE858C6
An encounter with a panda sticking its tongue out at me. Uhh…ok??
2022022717001800 11B64E28AD7A49CA9EC8AC007BE858C6
Minecraft’s world generator can really crank out some fantastic views, and sometimes looking straight up from the bottom of a ravine can give a great example of its work. 
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Yet another fox encounter while sheep hunting.
2022022718550200 11B64E28AD7A49CA9EC8AC007BE858C6
The sphinx(??) found in the “Taiga Bay” world seed.
2022042918485200 11B64E28AD7A49CA9EC8AC007BE858C6
 A lush cave found deep below the world surface. Cool, but I really need iron…
2022041318595700 11B64E28AD7A49CA9EC8AC007BE858C6
The sun setting over a creative-mode world.