How to leave large Scratch studios

Studios on Scratch are fun. Being able to chat with others, find (sometimes) interesting projects, and just being part of a group is a great experience.

But sometimes, the experience wears off after a while. Maybe your interests are changing, or you’re just trying to get that weird Shrek is God meme studio off of your profile. So, you open the studio, and the curators tab looks like this:

From my Fans and Followers studio

Yep. We’ve all been there, just trying to figure out where the heck our username is in the pit of names and profile pictures.

Well, there is an easier way to leave the studio without having to scroll for hours. Using the magic of JavaScript, it’s easy as making a bookmark and clicking on it.

First off, triple-click and drag the below code to your bookmarks bar:


Like this:

Then, navigate to the studio you want to leave, and click the bookmark. Reload the page, and you have successfully left the studio.