Fun in the Deep Dark

I’m probably not going to play Minecraft with a select few from my friend group for a while. We were screwing around with the new Wild Update by generating worlds with seeds designed to give us the new features (like the new and improved swamp), and we generated one with the Deep Dark biome in it.

I assume you know where this is going.

After a little bit of caving, base-building, and general-resource-gathering (with fighting over who got what), we stumbled into the Deep Dark. So, we ran around, flashing our iron swords and incomplete armor sets (I was using a chest plate and helmet only), and grabbing loot from the chests. I ended up with regen potions, some music discs, coal, and sculk blocks.

One person was using their pickaxe to obtain and investigate the blocks making up the massive castle-like thing we were exploring, and then we hear a “CRACK” like sound, and a Warden spawned. We just ran around like crazy, dodging it, crafting arrows and bows to try and distract it, and then,


Another one spawned, and someone decided to go nuts on the mobs by swinging their sword at it. Bad idea. Some reasonable people (like me) decided to try and find the exit. And then the 10-year-old Minecraft nerd had an idea: summon an equally-powerful mob and see if that would help. TL;DR; never summon the Wither to help you do ANYTHING.

As you can probably guess, this didn’t end well. Everybody was killed in the sheer insanity that broke out.

Fun times, I guess.