Computer Pain

Computers are awesome.

However, they aren’t perfect.

Take my computer, for instance. I’m having a couple of very annoying issues with it, and this post is just a mild, not very angry rant.

Well, let’s get into it.

My computer is a 2013 HP ProDesk 400, that I bought used a couple years ago running Windows 8.1. I used what it came with for a while, before I wanted something different from Windows, so I set out for a new operating system. Some people pointed me towards Linux. So, that afternoon, after a quick web search, I installed Ubuntu on my computer.

And, I actually liked it. I enjoyed the freedom to use whatever I wanted, and heck, it was even faster than Windows!

However, again, I wanted a better operating system. The Ubuntu staff had made some changes that I didn’t like, and I wanted a new distro. However, my computer was aging quickly (mind you, this was early 2021), so I wanted something modern, but I also needed something that could run on this 8-year-old computer. So, after more digging, I decided to switch over to Manjaro. I installed it, liked it, and I’m continuing to use it to this day.

However, like I said, computers are not perfect.

My computer has this one very annoying issue where if a lot of action is going on screen, like me juggling 20+ tabs in Firefox, while chatting on my friend’s Discord and IRC, editing pictures and having my music playlist open, then the computer locks up and goes completely unresponsive. Even the power button cannot save the computer. I have to get on the floor and manually unplug the computer, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it, and hope that whatever the heck I was working on was saved. (hint: probably not)

I’ve learned to do what I need to with only what I need to do, with as little background stuff, and not to over-multitask. (my multitasking skills suck anyway) But occasionally, the computer will lock up, like when multiple people join a voice chat while I’m playing Minecraft.

Any person in an armchair would blame the operating system, but this happens on EVERY SINGLE OPERATING SYSTEM I BOOT ON THE THING! I’ve tried calling tech support, and they have offered to help, but the computer’s warranty has expired, and I’m not able to pay for the extended warranty because it’s too expensive!

However, I’ve been having a bigger issue with my computer.

Last night, I updated my antivirus, and then shut down the computer. When I turned it back on again the next morning, Manjaro didn’t boot. I saw the general Linux startup stuff, but it would stop with some gibberish techno-babble error and wouldn’t continue. I had to restart the computer and boot into Ubuntu. As of right now, I’m waiting for the Manjaro ISO to finish downloading so I can create some new install media, use the Live Boot function to get my data off of there, and reinstall the OS and start fresh.

I, however, don’t think I’ll continue to use this computer for much longer with all the problems I’m having with it. I’m considering getting a new computer, probably a Raspberry Pi 400.

Computers aren’t perfect, they do have their issues. What really matters is you having the measures when things go wrong.