2 Years Of @TheGlassPenguin

2 Years 


Within 2 years of being on Scratch, I’ve shared 60+ projects, made 1500+ forum posts, launched a new website, got into the Scratch Wiki, joined a fandom about living swimming minerals, and finally got into the Forum Helpers. 

I have done quite a lot this year, haven’t I?  


I’ve also been thinking about where all of this started. 

Well, ready your scroll wheel, because I’m going to tell the story of my Scratch account. 

So, let’s get into it. 


I’ve been on Scratch longer than 2 years, just on a different account. 

Let’s go back. 

November 2018. Scratch 3.0 has just entered beta, and, on a rainy day, the 29th, after using Scratch at an after-school program, I went home and created my first Scratch account, @Go_34, on a slow, old Windows 7 computer. 

On there, I created tons of projects, some unique, and some created with tutorials taken from the Internet, the Help sidebar on Scratch 2.0, and library books. I never shared one, however. 

@Go_34’s profile page.

Later on, I got a new, used Windows 8.1 computer (that I later installed Linux on, and the one I’m typing this text on), but I had an issue with the new computer and had to create a new profile, but I couldn’t transfer the passwords stored in the browser’s password manager (stupid Chrome), and I had forgotten both the password to my email account and @Go_34. Eventually, I had to focus more on school, and Scratch wasn’t on the top of my list of priorities.  

Let’s go forward. 

April 2020. COVID-19 happened. Like everybody else, I was forced to stay home. I then revisited Scratch, of course, I was still locked out of @Go_34 and my old email account (I created a new email). As a result, I had to create a new account, @TheGlassPenguin. I took the username from a small penguin desk statue made of (you guessed it) glass. 

The glass penguin desk statue.

Eventually, I got to the point where we are now. 

I’ve only recently been able to sign into @Go_34. After a little assistance from the email provider I used for my old address and a Scratch password reset, I finally signed in to @Go_34, and I have decided to share a few projects in this blog post.

Well, I’ve got plans for the future. Projects, games, blog posts, and other various things, so stay tuned! 

Here’s to another year!