How to post images on the Scratch Forums

You know what you clicked on. You want to know how to post images on the Scratch forums.

Well, you have to use an image host. There are tons, however, Scratch only supports a select few. A full list can be found here. I’m going to be covering two: cubeupload and ScratchAssets.


cubeupload is one of the best image hosts out there, and the best that Scratch supports. Most forumers (myself included) use it. It’s easy to use, offers unlimited storage, and is completely free, unlike some other hosts that have a limit on how many images you can upload before you have to pay up. One downside is that it has an issue with downtime, although it is pretty rare.

To get started, visit the cubeupload website and make an account. After that, make sure you’re on the upload screen (if you’re not sure, click on the cubeupload logo) and press “Select Images”. Then, pick your images and press Upload.

After all the images have finished uploading, the image links will appear. Copy the first link (the one with the piece of paper next to it) and switch over to the Scratch forum thread you want to post the image in. Click on the Image icon, paste the link in the pop-up that appears, and press OK/the Enter key on your keyboard to insert the [img] tag.

And done!


If you don’t want to make an account or just want a simple way to quickly upload images, then ScratchAssets is a great option. It uses Scratch’s asset server, which is used for fetching costumes and sounds in projects. Using it manually is complicated, but there are simpler options. I’m going to explain how to use a bookmarklet.

First off, drag this code to your bookmarks bar:

Scratch Assets image uploader

Like this:

Now you’re ready to upload images! You’ll have to be on a Scratch Forum thread for the bookmarklet to work.

When you’re typing in a forum reply box, to upload an image you just need to click the bookmark and pick your image. The bookmarklet will upload your image (if it doesn’t work, it’ll tell you, just try again) and it’s even kind enough to insert image tags for you.

And that’s all there is to it!