Project prototypes and lost games: My old Scratch account

You know what you clicked on. You want to know about my old Scratch account and the treasures hidden inside. Before we get deep into it, let’s get into a bit of history.

A bit of history

And for that, we need to go back to November 2018. Scratch 3.0 was on the way, the Scratch community reached 30 million shared projects, and on a rainy day on the 29th, I created my first Scratch account, @Go_34. Throughout the next year and a half, I created several projects, but I never shared one. Later on, I got a new computer. I had an issue with the computer and had to create a new profile on it. However, I couldn’t transfer everything over, and that included all the passwords stored in the password manager, and I had forgotten the password to both my email and Go_34 a few months prior.

Fast-forward to April 4th, 2020, and I created a new account, which was my current one, @TheGlassPenguin. And here we are at the present date. A few months ago, I emailed the Scratch Team with Contact Us, and I received an email response that wasn’t much help, simply telling me to try the normal password reset. I couldn’t, however, because I didn’t have access to the email account linked to Go_34. Eventually, I sent several emails to the service I had my old email account on, and after another month of being stuck in tech support hell, they set my old email’s recovery address to my current one, and I just ran the password reset for my email as normal, and then ran the password reset on Go_34. And here we are at the present date.

Anyway, what’s in the account? Well, let’s explore some of them.


Basic Windows Simulator

This one has to be my favorite. I saw one of the many OS projects out there and set out to make my own. Honestly, it came out a little worse than I wanted, but I still like it nonetheless. It was originally made on May 19th, 2019.

Number Guessing Computer Prototype

This is a relatively early prototype of Number Guessing Computer. Here are the main differences:

  • The computer sprite looks completely different.
  • There are a few seconds before you see if your guess was right.
  • No score gimmick

Hall of Doors

This is a platformer I made with a tutorial I found somewhere on the Internet, and it only has three levels. You should know how to play. :P

Traffic Dodge

This was a quickly-made Frogger clone. Except the frog looks… I don’t even know what it even is. Just press the arrow keys to move and don’t run out of lives.

And that’s everything I’m going to share – for now :). Maybe stay tuned? Thanks for reading!