Welcome to my (new) website!

Welcome to my (new) website. I guess you know what this is, right?

After nearly 3 months of work, several CMS switches, and a ton of customer support tickets, I finally have a new website to replace my old Wix one. Initially, I chose Wix because of its ease of use and design freedom, but after February 2021, it went downhill and it basically lost what I had signed up for. The new editor is now very restrictive, and a ton of features that have previously been free have now become a part of the $49 premium plan. I really can’t recommend Wix anymore.

So, I decided to create a new website. I tried several web builders, like 8b, website.com, and Squarespace, and they didn’t work out, all ending with a deleted account. So, I eventually went after self-hosted web builders. After finding a suitable web host, I tried several CMS software, like Joomla, Pico, and Concrete, I eventually settled on WordPress. Although the Gutenberg editor requires a learning curve and is at times uncooperative, it’s easy to get used to. The amount of community support for the software is insane, with a ton of plugins and themes available for it. I decided on the Blocksy theme and began building after a whole 2 months of failed attempts. I created a quick blueprint in Google Sites and began porting some of that over into WordPress. When I finished the site and imported my blog posts, I felt like celebrating. And here we are at the present date.

Anyway, I really hope you like using the new site. (If you want to go back to the old one, it will stick around until the 21st) Feedback is really appreciated, as I am still very new to WordPress.

See you soon,