Set an Ocular status

Have you ever used Jeffalo’s Ocular tool to look up a certain post and noticed some text below the user’s post count?

Or perhaps you’ve visited a user on the forum leaderboards and notice a similar thing, below their username.

That text is called an Ocular status, and it’s set using the My Ocular dashboard. Want to know how to set your own? Read on!

Note: You need a Scratch account with Scratcher rank to set a status. If you have a New Scratcher rank, message Jeffalo on their profile to have them set your status for you.

The first step is to log in to My Ocular. Visit the Ocular website (

Once you’re there, click on the “Dashboard” button to go to the login screen.

You should be directed to the Scratch Auth website. Just follow the instructions to sign in with your Scratch account.

Now you should be taken back to Ocular.

If you receive an error message, check your Scratch account’s status on your profile page (it has to be a Scratcher rank to sign in). If you are a New Scratcher, message Jeffalo to have them set your status for you. Otherwise, try again.

However, if all goes well, you should be greeted with a screen showing your profile picture and username. If the profile picture and username are yours, click on “confirm”. If not, click on “deny” and repeat the sign-in process with your Scratch account. Using an account that is not yours without the account owner’s permission violates part 2.2 of the Scratch Terms of Use!

After you have signed in, you should be taken back to the Ocular homepage, and your username should be in the upper right corner.

Click on the “Dashboard” button to visit your Ocular profile settings.

You should be taken to your Ocular dashboard. Enter the status you want into the “status” box. You also have the option to set your Scratch Forum Leaderboards profile color as well, by clicking on the “favorite color” selector. When you are happy with your settings, click on the “update” button.

When you see a “user updated” message, your changes have been saved. You can check out your new status and color on Ocular and the Forum Leaderboards using their respective links on the dashboard.

That’s all there is to it!