Play Adobe Flash games after 2020

If you’ve followed the online game scene for a while, you probably know that Adobe is killing their Flash player, which powers games like Learn to Fly. But, you can still play your old content. Today, we’ll look at an app you can use to enjoy your favorite Flash content.

It is a little hard to use, but it pays off in the end. To use it, you’ll need to know how to rip a game’s SWF link.

First, find a game site that has the title you want to play. Right-click the Flash element and click Inspect.

If you did it right, the Inspect app will open and you should see a link ending with “.swf” That’s the game! Right-click on it and select “Copy link address”.

Tip: Make a list of your favorite games using this method so you can access them later.

Now, let’s download Adobe Debugger. Head on over to the download site and find your OS’s projector content debugger. Click on it and save it.

Once it’s done downloading, find it and open it. To launch a game, select Open from the File menu.

This will open a new popup where you can paste in a URL. Paste in the link to the game you want to play (see above for more instructions) and press Enter or click OK.

The window morphs into the game’s shape, and it loads. Enjoy!