When Stop Sign Clicked Tutorial

Have you ever wanted a When Stop Sign Clicked block in Scratch? Well, we can’t make that block, but we can code a workaround! These workarounds use the timer.

You could use these to do things like show a thumbnail or your outro when the stop sign is hit.

Note: The screenshots shown were taken in the TurboWarp editor. The colors of the Scratch editor and TurboWarp are slightly different.

Method 1

This method is the easiest to code, but you can’t use the timer for anything else.

First, create this script:

Now, create this stack:

Snap the blocks you want to run when the project is stopped, and that’s it!

Method 2

This method is slightly more complex but allows you to use the timer for other things.

First, make a new variable and call it “timer2”.

Now, build this stack:

Then, add this code:

Snap the blocks you want to run when the stop sign is hit.

That’s it! I hope you find this useful!