Host a website with GitHub Pages

Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to show you how to host a website using GitHub Pages!

So, let’s start. You’ll need a GitHub account and a website builder that can export in HTML/knowledge of the HTML code language. This tutorial will only show you how to launch a site.

The first step is to make your site. You can code it yourself or use an HTML-export-compatible website builder like Mobirise or Pixel Together. Then, export your site as an HTML file, like I did (check your builder program on how to do that, or just save your HTML code if you wrote it yourself.)

Now, find the website file in your device’s files app and rename it index. (it has to be EXACTLY index or GitHub won’t recognize it)

Now, go to GitHub, and create a new repository. Name it what you want the end part of your URL to be (or choose GitHub’s randomly generated name).

Now, let’s import your website. Select the Add file button and click Upload files.

Then, upload your index file, and commit it to the main branch (write a message if you want).

Now, hop into the settings and scroll down to the GitHub Pages heading. Select the main branch, and click Save.

And you’re done! Go to and enjoy!