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  • The End Of The 3DS Era
    “holy crap. they decided to go ahead and do it.”
  • The Apple App Store Problem
    The App Store is a pretty decent part of the iOS/macOS ecosystem. Being able to get access to and manage thousands of third-party apps with something directly integrated into the operating system is actually really good and adds a fair amount to the user experience, compared to Linux, where the various package managers, their repositories, …
  • solvent gets an update!
    So, you know that calculator project I made a while back? solvent? It’s just been updated.
  • Electron.JS: Both good and bad
    For what seems like forever now, Electron seems to be the go-to way to make standalone apps from web languages and frameworks like React, Svelte, and Tailwind. However, nothing is perfect.
  • Appel: Even after 2 years, it’s still good
    Even after two whole years, Appel is one of the best Scratch games yet. Here’s why.